12 Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

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If you are looking for the ultimate ways to make your car last longer, this blog post is the perfect resource. Here are the 12 helpful tips on how to keep your vehicle in top condition and to run smoothly.

1.Drive every day with care

Drive smoothly when you drive to avoid wear and tear on your car.

When you brake, gently apply pressure to the pedal so that it doesn’t jerk forward. Avoid using your brakes when driving up a steep hill as this can overheat them, which will shorten their lifespan. If you have an emergency while braking down a long hill, such as if there is traffic in front of you, keep pressing hard on the brake until they are cool again.

Drive with care every day by not accelerating too quickly or slamming on your breaks from high speeds because these actions cause friction, leading to worn parts and premature repairs.

Accelerate gradually to save gas and decrease emissions, and brake slowly at stop signs for maximum safety.

2.Keep up with your car service schedule

A good rule of thumb is to check your oil weekly and change every three thousand miles or six months. Keep a close eye on brake fluid levels as well, topping off when necessary. Winter can be hard on your car, so make sure you go through the proper steps for an emergency kit and know where the closest tire shop is in case there’s snow outside. Change wiper blades seasonally to avoid dangerous visibility issues during bad weather days.

Carrying out a full service every year will keep your car running well and will make it last for years longer, plus the car will be more attractive when it comes to selling it, says Wye Motors who car garage is in Ashford.

3.Dont have so many keys linked to your car keys

Don’t carry so many keys with your car keys as it is cumbersome and puts pressure on your car ignition that doesn’t need to be there. And long term can cause issues with your key and barrel. This is another issue Wye Motors says is more of a common problem than you think.

4.Parking in the shade where possible

Parking in the shade where possible. When you park your car, it heats up and then cools down as temperature changes throughout the day, so if you park in a shady spot by trees, this will reduce heat build-up and wear on engine parts.

Shade from trees can also protect the paintwork from fading away quicker than usual due to UV rays damaging them more often.

5.Cleaning the inside of your car too

Yes, I said it. Not just the outside.

The inside of your car, and more specifically the dashboard, will eventually get greasy over time which is not only unattractive but also be a fire hazard when mixed with other elements from spilt drinks or food, for example. So make sure you wipe it down once every couple of weeks to keep everything clean and work at its best!

6.Let your floor mats take the winter’s beating

Having floor mats will absorb a lot of the water, dirt and sand. They will also make your car look cleaner on the outside as they are not absorbing any dirt, which means less work for you to do!

7.Preserving your car door and window seals

Cleaning your car door and window seals will help your car to cope better in the cold weather. Not only that, but it looks nicer as well!

8.Keeping your leather from drying out and cracking

Looking after your leather will make it last longer. You can do this by using a quality conditioner designed for the type of your car’s interior.

9.Touching up nicks earlier, the better

you see a nick in the paintwork, touch it up as soon as possible. This will stop the paint from cracking, which will prevent rust from occurring.

10.Fill up your screenwash regularly

Regular screen wash will help stop dirt building up on your windscreen, making it easier for you to clean the glass. Also, preventing it from running out will mean you won’t put stress on your washer motor.

11.Stock carrying unnecessary weight in your car

If you need to carry heavy items in your car, try and be selective about where they are positioned. This will help maintain a good weight distribution which is vital for stability while driving. Reducing the weight that is in your car will also help to make it last longer.

12.Wash your car in winter

None wants to, but winter is the best time of year to do it. Weather can be good and cold enough to stop salt from damaging your car’s paintwork or bad with a risk of ice making surfaces slippy, but either way, there won’t be any pesky insects hanging around.

Bonus Tip, Keep regular maintenance of your car’s battery

If you neglect your car battery, it will eventually completely discharge and need to be replaced. Keeping the battery charged is a great way to ensure that this doesn’t happen, so keep tabs on it with an easy-to-use voltmeter.

It’s essential to keep in mind what type of climate you live in when thinking about how often or if at all, you should wash your car. If you live somewhere where rain falls regularly, then washing every time is unnecessary as water does its job well enough already.

Summary: The life of your car can be extended by following these simple but practical methods that anyone can apply. All it takes is just a little bit of time and effort to keep the vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Which tips have you tried? What’s been your experience with them so far?

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