Drivers Stories #1 A rider reported me for falling asleep and Uber deactivated me

Uber driver deactivated

This story is about Kawsar, an Uber executive driver, whose account was deactivated by Uber after a rider allegation. He tells us more about it.

I am or shall I say was an Uber driver for the past three and half years. On a recent uber x trip, a rider made a complaint that I fell asleep during the trip. And after reviewing for nearly three days, I get a call today saying they are ending partnership with me.

I haven’t even done anything wrong and i did not even fall asleep. This rider was lying and I do not really know why. I have done over 6800 trips and have a rating of 4.96 and most of my jobs are during the night. I work during the night because I cannot sleep.

I have told them that the customer is making it up and that was my first job of the day. How can I possibly be even tired? There was a report like this over a year ago that was also made up because that customer said I was swerving and sleeping whilst driving. Again untrue.

How can they possibly believe the rider over me especially when there is no proof? I said to them that I wanted to speak with this rider to ask thim when I fell asleep and the proof about it. But they did not give me any details so I said that I have no other options but to go to that house and ask them. Because I have done nothing wrong.

I have just bought a car on finance for 5 years , I have a 18 month old daughter and just had a baby boy of 2 weeks old. How am I meant to pay for all these? I explained all of this to them and they do not want to know anything further. Because of a lie now me and my family are having to suffer. So I was wondering maybe going to the media about this story will make these riders understand what their lies have done to me and maybe they could own up.

“Drivers Stories” is a series about drivers who are sharing part of their adventure as a Private Hire driver working with rideshare and ride-hailing apps. They are writing and talking about their issues, unique adventures or funny moments while on the steering wheel.


  1. Well the best thing to have a camera installed to justify yours innocent
    As Uber is always going to believe in customer rest drivers are numbers only which does not come with any truth saying

  2. Sorry for your loss mate, I am in the same situation like you from the begining of november.
    I took this youngster home, helped him with his big counter base or w/e music instrument. Folded the seats, I tryed to make a conversation, to try and make him feel confy. I realy dont know what I did, but he made a complaint that sounded so bad and was so not true…Uber ended the partnership just because the kid said something about saftey, that I lost control of the vehicle (but he got home in and I heleped him with his instrument), that out of fear he dident said anything. This were his words.. People are crazy and frustrated, LIEING LIKE IDIOTS, they dont care what they will do with a complaint like this. just because they have to pay £10 more due to the high demand.they can realy do a number like this on you and thats it. Bye bye partnership.
    Uber became very agressive due to the saftey issues they had and now they want to cut in flesh anything that sounds like a saftey problem. They have to, so TFL will give them licence…obviously.
    Sad story’s but it wount change anything.
    Uber called me like 3 times to see if I am ok with the decision they made.
    They are pointing me to other platforms of ride hailing…
    Funny thing is right after this…TFL said they wount give them licence anymore, just because of many other things.
    Who knows, maybe they will realy lose their licence after all.

  3. Last year UBER suspended my account on false allegation that from a rider that it not me who was driving the car. UBER kept me suspended for 2 weeks and did not give me any evidence, not even details of the trip or rider.
    After 2 weeks they opened my account without giving any explaination.
    Clearly UBER do not care at all and always ready to snatch living from drivers without any proof.
    After that I have installed CCTV in my car and always keep it on.
    I strongly recommend that all drivers must have CCTV in there cars. Do not expect any backing from UBER in situations like this.
    Shame on riders who make such false complaints to save some petty money on rides.

  4. I don’t want to teach you anything but my advice is to don’t talk or don’t divulge personal informations about you to any of your customers! You never know how they’ll use it! Don’t forget that Uber is a Technology Company not a Minicab Company. You don’t know how they’ll use it!

  5. All drivers from rideshare in gral they risk to get a super nice car and cleaned everyday just to please riders who don’t care about your car but how cheap your service is and you know what is your fault like driver because those company’s don’t deserve it just remember the old school cabs they was old, dirty and stinky and was overpriced and now they expect luxury, nice and clean for cts when they don’t offer insurance for your vehicle and yes lot drivers do t read the $2500 deductible is only to cover affected and third party hurt but you keep your damages, and I ask you how many drives you need to give to get $2500 deductible? See if they want pay 69 cents a mile and keep over 50% of your fare ride a junk clunky car is just what they pay for

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