How to become an Uber driver in London?

Uber was the first company to give full flexibility to private hire drivers in London. Many people looking for a way to mix flexibility and earning of income applied and started the adventure of being an Uber driver in London. If you would like to do the same, you just need to follow these steps below.

Where to start

In order to become an Uber driver in London, you will need first to apply for a private hire licence with Transport for London (TfL). This step is compulsory to any job related to private hire in London. This process is explained in details there..

Then, the first thing to do to become an Uber driver is to sign up via their website. Enter your details such as full name, address etc and then Uber will start the follow up process. By signing up, you are creating an account that will summarise your future activity as driver. On this account, you will be able to find your trip history, your earnings, documents etc.

The ignition session

After signing up, you will have to book an Ignition session at the Uber office. There, you will be briefed about how Uber works and what conditions to fulfill to be accepted on the Uber platform. These conditions relate to the number of points on your driving licence, the type of car accepted and your PH licence application.

The first thing to do to become an Uber driver is to sign up via their website.

According to the last Uber requirements, they do not accept drivers with more than 6 points on their licence and they welcome any licensed car up to 10 years old of age. That is current 59 number plates.

If you hold an EU driving licence, make sure that you switch it for a UK one as they do not accept any EU driving licence!

Uber driver in London
Uber has got many offices in London

As the Topographical test is a condition to get a licence, Uber offers a training session about it. At the end of it, you can take the test at their centre. The topo test used to be free with Uber. But following regulation changes, Uber will charge £50 if you want to take it there.

The onboarding session, vital to become an Uber driver in London

Once your PH licence application is successful, you will have to book an appointment at one of the offices for an “onboarding session”. Please note that Uber does not have a full open door policy.  There may be times during the year where the onboarding process is closed due the lack of vacancies and the high number of drivers. If it is the case, you will need to wait for the next available onboarding session. Most of the time, Uber is definitely recruiting in the pre christmas celebrations period, from September onwards. They are also recruiting in the pre summer season around May.

At this session, Uber will first upload your documents that are Private Hire licence and driving licence. You can even bring your cars documents, car license, insurance and MOT, if you have got a vehicle.  Uber will also take a picture of you that will be the one on your driver profile.

If you hold an EU driving licence, make sure that you switch it for a UK one as they do not accept any EU driving licence!

At the end, you will attend a training that explains how the app works and what are your rights and duties as a driver on the platform. You are told about how to log in,  when to start trips as well as the dos and don’ts with customers.

Online approval, last step to become an Uber driver in London

Finally, the last thing to do is to upload your documents. They need to be verified by the Uber team. You will receive a text by Uber telling that you are active. Once all of this is done and your documents are accepted, download the app. Then log in and you are ready to start working as an Uber driver in London!

Uber driver in London
Uber driver’s app to download

You want to start your adventure with Uber in London? It starts here.

You are fully registered but you do not have a car? Watch out for the guidance to help you find one. Any other question about the process? Please feel free to use the contact form.

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