How to become a ViaVan driver in London

Following the article about the launch of the first real competitor to Uber, ViaVan, many of you were asking questions about how to sign up and get fully registered  with the company. So in order to become a ViaVan driver in London, just follow the guidance.

ViaVan sign up

Where to start

In order to become a ViaVan driver, you will need first to apply for a private hire licence with Transport for London (TfL). This step is compulsory to any job related to private hire in London. This process is explained in details there.

The first thing to do to become a ViaVan driver in London is to sign up via their website. Enter your details such as fullname, address etc. Then, ViaVan will start the follow up process. By signing up, you are creating an account where you will be able to upload all your documents. Once you sign up, ViaVan will send you a code that will be your password to log into your online account. Bear in mind that this password has nothing to do with the one they will give once you are fully registered.

Online submission of documents and details

The process to submit documents is different from the Uber one. Everything is done online and there is no need for your license to be verified by Uber physically or for them to take a picture of you. All your documents are submitted on the online platform. The driver documents as well as the car’s one.

Driver’s documents and information:

– Full name

– Date of birth

– Driving licence

– PH licence

– Insurance number

– Uber’s rating

– Driver’s picture

Please note that the current platform does not accept pdf files, only Jpg and Png files.

Car’s document and details:

– Car’s license


– Insurance

– Exterior picture of the vehicle

– Interior picture of the vehicle

Please note that the current platform does not accept pdf files, only Jpg and Png files.

Regarding the age of the car, ViaVan accepts any car that is up to 8 years old. These cars are current 10 plates.

The onboarding session

Once all your documents are submitted and approved, ViaVan will invite you for an onboarding session. Their address is at 2-10 Baron Street, N1 9LL.

On that session, the ViaVan team will ask for your telephone number and you will attend a training that explains how the app works. Then, you will be briefed about the main differences with Uber and about how the Flex and Blue mode. To know more about these two modes, check out this ViaVan article.

ViaVan will use your telephone to send you the password that you need to log in through the app. When downloading the app, you need to make sure that you download the right one. Indeed, there are two different driver apps on the play store and app store. The correct one is the one with the black car on it.

Once you receive your password, log in with the right app and you are online!

Are you missing a car? Watch out for the guidance to help you find one and start working as a ViaVan driver in London.


    • ViaVan is as flexible as Uber. You can use both Blue and flex modes to work on the app. You can start and stop when you want. They do not have car categories but having a 7 seaters will allow you to get more customers on the ViaVan routes.

  1. hi there
    do you pay any promotional money to new drivers? i am uber driver from last 4 years with 9.5 rating

    • Hi Baljeet,

      Are you sure about the 9.5 rating? ViaVan does not pay any incentives to new drivers. However, through Driver App London, you can take advantage of a £40 Amazon voucher by following the steps on this page.

    • After checking it with ViaVan, it seems that they require a clean licence to onboard with them. So with 6 points, I am afraid that you cannot work with them until your file is clear.

    • Hi J,

      They should be accepting your car. However, there is not a car category such as executive with ViaVan. So you will be paid normal rates when working with it.

  2. I want to work Via Van with Toyata Prius 08 Model of RK58VAF and could you please take me on Board with this car.
    I would be grateful to let me know.

  3. What is the pay structure per ride with Viavan?
    Example with uber it’s £2.50 Base fair then £1.25 per mile and £0.15p per mile. Uber will take 25%

  4. Hi,
    I have European driving licence and already have pco licence from tfl and already working with some local base company as a minicab driver.
    My question is will viavan accept me with European drivind licence ?

  5. Hello. I have no points on my license, but I have an expired IN10. It expired November last year and will be completed removed from records this November. Will you accept my application?

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