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Urinating is perfectly natural and there is no shame in doing that. But this is a big shame and embarrassment when some drivers end up urinating on the streets and roads of London. This was witnessed so many times that residents of different areas went to complain to their local councils. Uber is often targetted as a culprit because of their drivers urinating everywhere.

Few articles, like in here and here, relate this bad habit that some have by leaving bottles full of urine on the streets.

Driving long hours, whether it is night or day shift, can stimulate the bladder and lead to a pressing need. That is why everyone should know how to manage it when we are far from home and the comfort of its toilets. The following tips can be handy if you do not want to find your picture on Twitter or YouTube while in action.

Avoid caffeine as much as you can. This component of coffee and coke will accelerate the process and give you pressing and urgent needs in no time. Stick to water if this is too hard to manage.

Here are few tips with places and locations where you can use toilets:

– Macdonalds, buy a portion of chips or a burger (not a coffee!) and enjoy the relief. Easy to park the car.
– Starbucks, Costa or Prêt-à-manger.
– Hotels if you kindly ask.
– Mosques, if you are Muslim.
– Pubs and cafés.
– Lots of Shell stations provide toilets. Fill the car’s tank and empty yours.
– The AVA in Heathrow, even if its condition is appalling.
– A bush or green area where no one can see you.

Please update this list via the comment section.

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