5 good reasons to be multi apping

Uber Miwhip ViaVan

Since the launch of ViaVan in May 2018, drivers have got the possibility to be multi apping from their smart phones on the roads. They will be able to do it even more when other apps like Miwhip or Hopp launch too. It is not only a way of increasing the income of a driver. It has also many benefits that were absent when Uber was the only true actor in the market. Here are few advantages that shows how the use of different apps simultaneously is an asset for drivers.

Cutting the waiting time

By using multiple apps at the same time, you increase your chances to get a fare as soon as possible. That is extremely appreciated when times are quiet and very slow. Each app is targetting a specific kind of customers. With more apps on the market, the number of customers increases. Hence a decrease in the waiting time when you are online with different apps.

Another way and tip to reduce the waiting time is when you are about to finish a trip on one app. By going online 2/3 minutes before the end of the trip, you are more likely to receive a request from the other app by the end of the trip.

It is also beneficial to cut the waiting time at the AVA and other airport waiting places. Now that other apps like ViaVan  are covering aiports and have implemented a queue systeme there, the waiting time is potentially reduced. ViaVan being now more established, their queue could be much quicker than the Uber one. Especially when ViaVan does not have a rematch feature at airports unlike Uber.

Surge potential

When it surges on one app, it does not necessarily surge on another one. Even if it surges on two apps, the surge of one might be more interesting than the other one. When we know the kind of game that the Uber app might show when surge is on, having another app surging is definitely an asset. And when it surges on both apps, just choose the one that suits you more.

About earnings control

As we know, Uber is controlling earnings of drivers via its algorithms. It does that in order to ensure a balanced earning between drivers but especially to show to the general public that he gives a certain amount of earning per hour. Since Uber is struggling in court regarding the workers rights’ case, it wants to demonstrate to court that drivers are earning a regular and fair amount per hour under the app.

But it actually does not please drivers to be controlled and given jobs to that purpose. It caps earning to a certain level while drivers would like to have the possibility to earn more. The theory in which rides are given to the nearest available driver does not exist anymore.

By multi apping, there is a way to go around this issue. Uber or any other app is not able to know how much you make on each app. That way, when an app caps you, you can just switch to another one and increase your earnings per hour.

For example, if you get a first job lasting 45 minutes for £25, Uber’s algorithms might decide that you had enough and won’t give another one until 1 hour online. From there, The app might stay quiet for at least 15 minutes. Another app online might give you a job straightaway after and increase your average per hour.

More opportunities and benefits

Different apps mean different advantages and benefits. Using multiple ones extend the range of benefits. Few typical benefits of each app:


Uber ViaVan
Strong customer base

Wider area covered

5 airports covered with rematch feature
15% commission

Fixed earning per hour in Blue mode

Corner to corner trips
MiWhip Hopp (If launching)
Wide range of car categories

15% commission (7.5% for the first 2 months)

Daily payment
Radius feature

15% commission (7.5% for the first 2 months)
Diversification of income

Putting all your eggs in one basket can be risky. Especially when you are self employed. Having the opportunity to work with different apps reduces this risk. Getting onboard with as many as possible do not only allow the advantages and benefits stated above but also gives you a relative backup plan in case of a serious issue.

We know that many drivers got deactivated from apps. Before the apparition of other apps, these ones could just turn towards a local cab company or leave the profession and find another job. It is no mroe the case nowadays and for the best of drivers!



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