A Hopp for a fresh start

Hopp London
Hopp London

After its failed launch under the brand Taxify, the app-based company is decided to make a come back for good in 2019. The app kept communicating with drivers to let them know that the ban from TfL was not an end to the story. Currently, the app is still onboarding drivers and hope to be launching in January. In one of its offices in Heathrow, Hopp mentionned a launch by the 15th of January or at least by the end of the month. Interesting features are available on the app. As Miwhip is about to start too, this announcement gives drivers even more benefits by multi-apping in a competitive market.

A different app and some good features

Few changes have been made compared to the initial app. Taxify has learnt its lesson and changed the name of the app in London as Hopp. Also, we remember that riders could pay in cash for their trips. This is scrapped as only card payments are now available. There are some interesting features that differentiate the app from the competiiton, the radius working area and  the airport lottery system.

1- On top of the classic two-destination a day, the app offers drivers the possibility to work in a radius around their locations. This radius can be between 1 and 9 miles around. And drivers can use this feature as many times as wanted. That makes a big difference compared to other apps. For instance, Uber only offers destinations and that is often not available to use.

2- Then, Hopp has got an airport system that is in between the traditional queue and rematch system. The allocation of the airport job, called pick-up lottery, is given to the nearest driver or the one able to reach the terminal the fastest. Hopp says that it is to ensure a smooth and swift flow of rides in airports.

Radius hopp
Example of a 5 mile radius from Stratford Westfield.
Hopp still not able to start

The app plans to be operating inside the M25 loop with one simple category of cars at the beginning. A wider range  of car categories should be released as the app gains in maturity and experience. Rates are the same as Uber’s ones, £1.25/mile and £0.15/minute. But there are two main issues at the moment regarding the viability of the project. Firstly, there is still no Android version of the app for drivers and riders. Only the iOS version is available. The second issue is even more concerning. Hopp does not hold a TfL licence at the moment. When questioned about it, they are saying that the application is at its final stage.  Given the current communication and activity around the app, we can assume that the firm has got good reasons to believe that they will be awarded a licence very soon. At least, they seem to be ready to start operaing straight away once the licence is awarded.

Still no licence for Hopp.

In this year 2019, Hopp is contributing to the excitement around the PH industry in London. With Miwhip on the way and Ola planning to get into the market too, drivers will only get more benefits if Hopp manages to start in the capital.


    • It is better to go to their onboarding office with your documents at: Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotel, Bath Road, Longford UB7 0EQ.

  1. I’m unable to upload my documents please sort out or let me know when and where can I come to your office thanks

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