From Hopp to Bolt into London.

Bolt London

Almost two years after its first attempt, Taxify application struggle has come to an end. They spent most of their application time with the brand Hopp. The TfL licence has been granted and they will start their operations under the brand Bolt. Bolt is the new name of the app across Europe. Taxify stays as a group name but Bolt London is ready to start for good.

To sign up with Bolt as a driver, please fill in the form and get £10 once you are active.

As a rider, enter the code HK7J81 and get a free first ride!

A licence and a plan to start at 7.5% commission

Bolt and Taxify seem to have sorted its issues with TfL following the previous ban. A 15 month licence has been granted for the app to compet with Uber and other Kapten.

Bolt Licence
15 month licence granted

The app plans to be operating inside the M25 orbital with one simple category of cars at the beginning. A wider range  of car categories should be released as the app gains in maturity and experience. Rates are the same as Uber’s ones, £1.25/mile and £0.15/minute.

A different app and some good features

Few changes have been made compared to the initial app. We remember that riders could pay in cash for their trips. This is scrapped as only card payments are now available. There are some interesting features that differentiate the app from the competiiton, the radius working area and  the airport lottery system.

However, a 7.5% commission for 2 months is offered to drivers who have fully signed up before the launch. We expect the app to launch in June as everything seems ready to start.

1- On top of the classic two-destination a day, the app offers drivers the possibility to work in a radius around their locations. This radius can be between 1 and 9 miles around. And drivers can use this feature as many times as wanted. That makes a big difference compared to other apps. For instance, Uber only offers destinations and that is often not available to use.

Radius hopp
Example of a 5 mile radius from Stratford Westfield.

2- Then, Bolt has got an airport system that is in between the traditional queue and rematch system. The allocation of the airport job, called pick-up lottery, is given to the nearest driver or the one able to reach the terminal the fastest. Bolt says that it is to ensure a smooth and swift flow of rides in airports.

Bolt London

Bolt London is part of the booming competition

In 2019, Bolt London is contributing to the excitement around the PH industry in London. Uber and ViaVan are already established. With Miwhip in refurbishment, Kapten starting and Ola planning to get into the market too, drivers will only benefit from it!

Take advantage of the situation and sign up as a Bolt driver.


  1. I have been working for Bolt as a minicab driver. The boly company is really not what i have expected, we drivers tought that we have an alternative to uber but it seems that they are the same as uber dont care about there drivers. I have been trying to contact Bolt for the past 2days coz they have blocked my account fpr not accepting many trip. I have send so many messages explaing the reason but nothing from there side. They have no contact number no communications with the drivers at all. Really disapointed.

  2. I don’t think this is good enough, having discovered them and I wanted to sign up with them, I was told that someone has already registered with my e-mail. I call them to investigate, no answer, then I emailed them, no reply, then I try to find out their origin only to discover that they are the same Taxify I registered with for long. But why didn’t they tell us of name change?

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