Navitip #3 How to pick up from Heathrow Terminal 2

Heathrow Terminal 2 Navitips

Here is the first Navitip related to Heathrow Airport. Picking up customers at Heathrow Terminal 2 can be confusing for starting drivers. You would need to get into the Short Stay car park and head towards the right place. Many illustrations in this article to have a clear view of it.

The pick up point is located in the Short Stay car park on Level 4 Row H.

Head to the right lane, level 4, at the entrance of the Short Stay Car Park

There are clear signs that shows you where to head to pick up customers as a Minicab driver.

Heathrow Terminal 2
Many signs on the way to take you to the pick-up point

Once on Level 4, you need to head to Row H where customers are waiting for their cabs. There, park safely and do not block the way. Indeed too many drivers are stopping on the way at Row H and block other drivers coming behind. So park before picking up and loading your customer’s luggages.

At the exit, you will need to pay £4.20 if you stay no more than 29 minutes. From 30 minutes, the fare is increased to £7.50. This expense is refunded by Uber or any other app used.

From the AVA to the Short Stay Car Park:

Terminal 2
Travel time from the AVA: 3 to 5 minutes


  1. Why the rip-off charges in order to drop off or pick up passengers? I am only a private driver and have friends whom I meet to pick up. I loved the old way when at T2 you could drive in and out for free. Also, some of my friends do not speak english so explaining to them where to meet me is difficult, resulting in high parking fees. I feel that this is not fair – we are being ripped off in this country.

    • Hi,

      It is still free to drop off in all Heathrow terminals. I reckon that there should be a 5/10 minutes free for pick up though.

      The fees in Stansted airport are really over the top. £4 for drop off and now £6 for pick up.

      • The free time should be offered to help us cabbies out. The waiting time is so uncertain at the moment due to arrivals needing further checks that we can’t judge when to turn up. On one hand it’s a very high parking fee, on the other a very irate / concerned customer.

  2. Absolute rip off! British airports need to be ashamed, welcome to the UK, bring cash, lots of it. I hope I don’t see any cameras or I’ll put in a subject access request, I recommend all do that.

  3. Discussed to say the least I went to pick my mum up today 6 mins from entering to exiting 4 mins was driving to the point and back 4.90 I think is extortionate for a few mins

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