Navitips #4 Pick up and drop off at Stansted Airport

Among the apps operating in London, Stansted Airport is only deserved by Uber. Let’s have a look at how the drop-off and pick up is to be done in this airport.

Drop off

The drop off needs to be done at the express set down that is facing the terminal. The drop off is not free and you will need to pay a fee at the exit of it. Currently, the fee is £3.50 that you need to pay at the exit barriers. Be aware that from 1st April 2019, the fee is increased to £4 at the exit up to 10 minutes.

If you stay between 10 and 15 minutes, there is an additional £1 per minute to pay. So if you stay 15 minutes, you have to pay £9. If you stay more than 15 minutes, the fee is increased to £25.


Unless you have a rematch after a drop-off, you will need to wait at one of the Uber waiting area around the airport. The first one is at Bishop Stotford services and the second at the mid-stay car park.

Stansted Airport

The services is a good place to take advantage of the facilities available. Toilets, petrol station, shops, cafés and snacks are what you can find in the commercial centre. Keep in mind that you cannot stay more than 2 hours in the area. If you do because of a long queue, you will have to pay a parking fee at the petrol station or the WH Smith. If you stay more than 2 hours and forget to pay the parking fee, you will receive a PCN home of £100. So keep an eye at the time when you get in to avoid such a scenario.

You can stay no more than 2 hours for free in Bishop Stotford Services.

The Mid stay car park is closer to the airport than the services. But there are less things to do there. A traditional car park with an area dedicated to private hire and taxi. The first hour is free, 2£ up to two hours.

Mid Stay car park is very close to the station
Dedicated area in zone C

There is a way to avoid getting into the car park, waste time and possibly pay a fee. Just before the entrance of the Mid Stay, you can wait on the parking spaces that on the left hand side. Or even in the space between the two ways in the middle. From there, you will be in the queue and could quickly head towards the airport when you receive a request.

Wait for free in these areas

Before waiting in these areas, you should consider whether it is worth it. As said before, there are restrictions if you wait more than 2 hours in both cases. That is why you should do it only when the waiting time is reasonable. That is often the case in the evening between 8 pm and 1 am. Indeed, jobs won’t be taken by rematch as there are no departures from the airport between these time. Also, people are tired and want to get home at the earliest time before the next day. It is when they are bound to book a cab instead of taking the bus or train.

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