Smartzi, get your private customers safely and legally


Uber, ViaVan and other ride-share apps are good to offer on-demand jobs that riders book through the apps platforms. But none of them offer the possibility for drivers to make a booking instead of being offered one. When the driver, via his network, knows someone who needs a ride. With Smartzi, you can take and drive your own private customers legally to their destinations.

Your customers become Smartzi’s customers

The process is very simple. Once you know someone who needs a ride, contact Smartzi by email or phone and give all customer’s details to them. Then, a text is sent to the customer to confirm the ride. And you are good to go.

The booking will be displayed on the app. Start the trip when it is time to and end it when you are done.

Cheap commission and fares freely set

As a driver, you have got the liberty to set the fare for the ride. You agree with a rider about the fare and just communicate it to Smartzi.

The commission that Smartzi takes is fixed and low, £1. Whatever the fare is, only £1 is going to be charged to you. The customer is normally paying by cash.

Only £1 commission from the £50 charged to the customer

An on-demand service

There is also an on-demand service like in Uber. This service is only available in zone 1. Give your availabilities on the app and go online to be able to get fares from the service. On this service, the commission is 20% for any trip taken on the on-demand service.

Go online to receive requests

The app in itself

The app is very often updated to make it reliable and fix any bugs popping up. The app is useful for the on-demand service. Go online through the app to be able to receive requests. However, you would need to state your availability and then be available to receive any request. You can find a summary of your private rides in the app too.

Give your availabilities to receive rides
Introduction to Smartzi

To sign up with Smartzi, head to the website and download the app from the playstore or appstore.


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