Getting the best out of the pandemic as an App driver

While in the middle of the pandemic, lots of restrictions are affecting drivers income. And winter is coming. Keeping it as usual, that is relying on apps jobs supply, cannot be the way to go. Doing nothing and waiting for the situation to ease with the help of a potential vaccine is not either. Let’s explore the alternatives.

Use your PCO car to deliver

Most Hire for Reward insurances policy allow driver to deliver parcels and food by using a PCO car.

And there are plenty of companies to work with. From Amazon Flex to Deliveroo, the choice is yours. There is a different process to register with each of these platforms. Like ride-hailing, it gives a certain level of flexibility for gig workers. With Amazon Flex, you are free to pick the block you want on any day. Deliveroo let you go online/offline as you wish. Similarly to an Uber Driver App.

Furthermore, there is still some ride-hailing work available. And there are still people working from their offices while essential shops and schools should always stay open. You could well mix delivery and PCO work to make the most out of it.

Recommended pattern: multi-app at rush hour, from 6 am to 9 am and from 3 pm to 5 pm. In between, rely on deliveries, especially during the evening where the activity is at its peak.

From delivering to supplying delivery

The delivery industry is booming as explained before. And it is bound to stay a dynamic industry for a long time. Lockdown or not, we have reached a state in which deliveries are now preferred to eat in/dine in. Different local tier system in place as well as a rising fear in attending crowded areas are all in favour of more bring-food-to-you-door activities.

If you could take advantage by being part of the delivery process, you would end up making more margin by producing the content and product. Indeed, more and more people are specialising themselves in delivery only food with no branded front door.

That is the new restaurant that you can see on Uber Eats app. But nowhere to be seen on any street. It could be a great alternative if you are good at cooking and have a bit of cash to invest.

You do not need to start big. You can share a kitchen with someone else to lower the renting costs and get started straight away. Fancy taking the plundge? You only can make it a reality!

Anticipate by developing your clientele

Working with apps is bringing a lot of flexibility as we all know. But in terms of revenue, it is not always the best mode to rely on. The intensity of the activity relies on trends that drivers cannot often control. Promotions, day of the month, weather, algorithms; so many factors that can influence drivers earnings one way or another.

But the best way to get more control over your earnings is to develop your own circuit. As the pandemic is hitting hard, warmer days are not that far. A rolled-out vaccine neither. Few months ahead. Just enough to get started on your own business and platform.

Start equipping yourself with the right tools to get your own customers. Build a website, a business card, a blog that will promote your services. Specialise yourself in the service you will deliver. Train yourself to basic digital marketing to expose it. And you do not necessarily need an operator licence to do it. Start-ups such as Smartzi allow you to book a trip for your private customers.

Upgrade your skills

Last but not least, if all of the above alternatives do not appeal you, use the free time you currently have to acquire new skills. Obviously, possibilities to do it from a training centre or university are limited. But there are several ways to train yourselves online.

Lots of industries are in shortage of particular skills. Among them, cyber security, data analysis or digital marketing. But you could also try the Open University option for Uber drivers. As part of the Uber Pro programme, Gold Level drivers and above can apply for Open University courses. Uber is paying the fees as long as you are eligible.

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