Dealing with slow driving road snails

Slow driving

We have all experienced it. You are on your way to pick up a customer for a good fare. But you are stuck behind a car whose driver may think he is on a holiday trip on the Costa Del Sol! Slow driving at 20 mph in a 30 mph zone or 30 mph in a 40 mph zone. And it happened to have a PCO roundel on the back window! What should we do in this frustrating situation?

Who are these slow driving people?

When they are ride-hailing drivers, they are most of the time beginners. Drivers who are still not confident with driving around areas they have never been in. Drivers who are still not used to ride-hailing apps or even navigation apps such as Waze or Google Maps. And they are often driving a Prius as it is the most convenient to use when getting started.

Stay calm and do not over react

It could be very tempting to lose your temper and start driving agressively behind. However, it is not going to make it any better. You would rather stay calm and wait for the opportunity to overtake safely and legally when possible. If not possible, just keep your cool while maintaining safe distance. At some point, the snail should take another direction.

Safe distance when slow driving
Always apply the 2 second rule behind the car ahead

Harassing the snail is a no-no

We often witness drivers behaving aggressively when in this type of situation. Tailgating, honking or flashing lights are very common. However, you should avoid this as it could put yourself in trouble.

Indeed, flashing lights or honking in this context is illegal and may lead to a fine of up to £1000. Same thing for tailgating. It can be considered as “careless driving ” and make you lose 3 points on your licence plus other fines. Not really worth it.

What about you? Let us know about how you would behave!

How do you deal with slow ride-hailing drivers?

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